Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome! Environmental Education Blog

This blog was created as a result of a workshop a group of teachers attended. A Community of Learners was formed with the desired effect of continuing the discussion of Environmental Education.

The workshop was called - "Focus on Fire " and was put on by Colorado Project Learning Tree.

The study of fire along with the forest life zones was held in Cortez, CO. at the Kelly Place 6/12/06-6/14/06. By some strange coincidence, the attendees were all women so we named ourselves the Smoking Hot Mommas. What else could we be called when studying fire ecology, fire behavior and fire science for several days?!

This blog is open to all for the purpose of sharing ideas, successes, failures and conference information on Environmental Education.


Shawna said...

Wow! I'm blogging! This is a first for me! I'm so excited! I've wanted to learn about blogs for a while now. This has been my tech ed summer, as I'm taking a distance learning class to learn how to teach on line PLT workshops, I took a Dreamweaver class (twice!) and yesterday took a class to learn how to use a program called Elluminate for online meetings and classes!

I had a wonderful time last week with all the Smoking Hot Mommas! Thanks for making it work!

I look forward to continuing to share fire things, Env. Ed things, SW CO doings and other things!

Nice job, Catherine, with the set up of this blog! It's very thorough. Could you please add www.plt.org to your list of links? It's possible to get there through some of the other links, but it would be great to just go directly to it!

Hope you're all save from the fires all over the state and that you're not smelling smoke right now!

Keep in touch!

Catherine said...

Yea! Welcome Shawna as a member of this blog. Feel free to post anything you want! Have fun and lets discuss lots of issues.

squeakbear said...

Hey do the Smoking Hot Mommas believe that fire is connected to all of us at the quantum level? given quantum research the very fires we work with are connected to each of us and how we think or feel about them impacts them and us on a very primal level. No fooling this is real science called quantum physics.